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Marshall & Marshall Fabulous Shops!

We don’t buy things in bulk and we don’t buy once or twice a year. We’re constantly on the lookout for just the right pieces that our lovely customers are searching for.

Sometimes that means we’ll only have individual pieces of jewellery, and when we find a stunning top or even a prom dress, we usually only buy one of each size to maintain that important exclusive look that’s just yours.

Here‘s a taster of some of our lovely, and sometimes unusual, products to give you an idea of what you’ll find when you visit our shops:

"Really like this shop, always count on it for lovely gifts. Lots of variety and unique products. Staff are always helpful and friendly. Recommend you visit"
Chantel, Brighouse


We choose the pieces in our clothing range because they make us feel beautiful every time we wear them. They are designed to lift an otherwise ordinary outfit, and show the world that that we care about how we look. If you’re buying something for yourself, you can try it on in our elegant fitting rooms, and our team in the shop will be happy to find a different size or colour, or give you tips on how it will look best on you. Our scarves and handbags will add extra sparkle.

Fabulous clothing by Marshall & MarshallFabulous clothing by Marshall & MarshallFabulous clothing by Marshall & Marshall


Our customers regularly tell us how people comment on their choice of jewellery, how well it looks with their outfit or how they always seem to choose the right accessories. The truth is, our jewellery range is so classically beautiful that they complement almost any outfit – you’ll be delighted at how effortless it is to look fabulous every day!

"Love your interesting jewellery. Would like to be able to buy from Northumberland"
John, Northumberland

Individual and fashion aware

Our full range includes hand-picked pieces that we love from a selection of different companies. In amongst them, you’ll find that some of our favourite pieces are from Hultquist and Danon.

For many years, we’ve stocked Hultquist jewellery, because, like us, it expresses individualism and fashion awareness. Inspired by a mixture of different cultures from past and present, this gorgeous Scandinavian range is feminine and bohemian. All plated with silver or gold, the stones are selected Swarovski crystal, quartz, fresh-water pearls or Czech glass beads.

We’re in love with it at Marshall and Marshall, and so are you it seems!

Fabulous jewellery by Marshall & MarshallFabulous jewellery by Marshall & MarshallFabulous jewellery by Marshall & Marshall

"Love the variety of items! Jewellery always beautiful. I always spend too much in your lovely shop, but I just can't resist buying things. Thank you"
Carol, Huddersfield

Look stunning every day

Danon jewellery is well known for producing eye-catching pieces that are practical enough to wear and look stunning every day.

The whole Danon range is made from pewter which is a strong metal that just gets better with age. We know it gives the quality we look for, and it looks great at the same time!

Fabulous jewellery by Marshall & MarshallFabulous jewellery by Marshall & MarshallFabulous jewellery by Marshall & Marshall

Just wait for the compliments to begin...

"Beautiful jewellery 'Danon'. All my kind of stuff. Lovely helpful staff went out of their way to help me when they didn't have to. Thank you"
Sharon, Wakefield

Heyland & Whittle Toiletries

Our quintessentially British range of toiletries includes body lotion, candles and reed diffusers in a range of fragrances including the classic English formulations of Neroli & Rose and Citrus & Lavender.

The handmade soaps are produced in Surrey, using the traditional, cold-processed method and contain only the very best, natural ingredients.

Essential oils, herbs and spices are combined to create these luxurious products that are also free from nasty sulphates and parabens.

Fabulous toiletries by Marshall & MarshallFabulous toiletries by Marshall & Marshall

Home Accessories and Furnishings

Whether you’re searching for a gift or something to give your home a touch of something original, we’re fully stocked with a range of lovely products that will make it difficult to decide which to choose!

Our simple aluminium bowl has been a talking point since it joined our shop front window display and has been in such demand that we’ve made special orders for it!

Fabulous accessories by Marshall & Marshall

Along with one-off pieces from various cottage industries, we also stock regularly from our favourite suppliers.

Bombay Duck
This eye-catching range of home accessories has us all in a flutter! From doormats to lanterns; vintage mirrors to candles; letter hooks and photo frames – these are gorgeous pieces to make your house look and feel exquisite!

Fabulous home accessories by Marshall & MarshallFabulous home accessories by Marshall & MarshallFabulous home accessories by Marshall & Marshall

Culinary Concepts
Culinary Concepts are known and loved for their trademark stainless steel designs and we get excited just thinking about all the lovely things we’re stocking! Come in and see their beautiful key rings, table accessories and champagne buckets.

Welsh Slate
If you like subtle, earthy styling to create a talking point in your home, there’s nothing more natural and stylish than the smooth and cool finish of tactile slate. 500 million years in the making, we’re very pleased to present our selection of naturally beautiful, handmade Welsh Slate collection which includes key fobs, cheese boards, clocks and notice boards.


We love to laugh and its power shouldn’t be underestimated! Whether it’s a smile, a giggle or a full-blown belly laugh, the overall effect is to make us happy.

Humour is one of the main themes of our giftware. Our special, themed tins are perfect for those that need a home for their ‘stuff’, make up, or things they don’t want to deal with in our popular ‘denial’ tin. Coasters, mugs and crockery are adorned with messages that ring true for many of us!

Fabulous giftware by Marshall & MarshallFabulous giftware by Marshall & MarshallFabulous giftware by Marshall & Marshall

"Nice things to look at, even if you are a man!"
Norman, Somerset

Gift Vouchers

If you’re really stuck and don’t know what to choose, or if you don’t have time to have a good look round, you can always delight your friends with a gift voucher, so they can come and visit us and have the lovely treat of choosing something themselves.

Come and see us!

We’ve given you a taste of some of our gorgeous products, but the truth is, our turnover is fast. People love them, buy them and we replace them with other, equally lovely things!

Come in and meet Brigitte, Denise, Kimberley, Lesley or Michelle in our shops at Brighouse and Skipton and let us introduce you to our world where you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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